Angelica Christi is a Quantum Sound therapist, A Mentor, INTUIT and provides Scalar technologies for healing the physical body and mind, past and present, as well as opening the portals for awakening. HER MISSION HAS ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT RAISING THE VIBRATION OF THE PLANET THROUGH HIGH VIBRATIONAL BEAUTY, SELF-HEALING AND AWAKENING. BRINGING OTHERS ALONG WITH HER IS ESSENTIAL TO ANGELICA. EVERYTHING IS ABOUT ENERGY & SCALAR WAVES.

Your voice is your unique frequency code, your Soul Tone is carried from lifetime to lifetime, and is the key that unlocks and heals your past AND PRESENT. known and unknown frequencies/wounds, have kept you stuck and unable to live the life you had intended.

Angelica takes you on a journey of Self-Exploration and Healing by removing the debilitating frequencies that keep you from radiant health and Self-Realization. This is a journey to once again embody the beautiful light you truly are.


THE POWER OF Advanced Scalar Energy and INQUIRY erases all...

FEAR & Stress --

did you know that 80% of Disease is caused by Stress, and that fear keeps you stuck in the past and a false future that is operated by the mind? The mind has no power in the Now. To reside in the present moment is to know your True Self, the 'god-self'.

Fear and stress is THE ROOT OF ALL SUFFERING and Can be Eliminated by neutralizing it through the use of advanced scalar energy. The Miracle begins to open and clear the frontal lobe. The frontal lobe is 'Present Moment Awareness', and therefore one becomes the observer of ones life instead of the human norm which is to operate through the Limbic lobe which is about past and future and reactive and emotional instead of peaceful when in the frontal lobe as the observer of your life's play.

 Though Quantum Sound therapy, and analyzing over a billion bits of your unique voice code, YOU can be FREE TO live life fully in the joyous gift of present moment awareness. Inquiry will take you into the depths of your emotions which have kept you trapped, and with the power of the your unique voice analysis played though the scalar quantum field of the 'Miracle', it will free you to Live the life you came to live.

 The power of this Ancient Quantum technology has not been seen for thousands of years... is the planet ready? Are you ready?

 "Each time I come away thinking, 'How did I not get this my whole life?'  BIG AH-HA'S EVERY TIME!" - Jody R. Portland, OR

"Angelica is a mystic without a temple" -Katherine M. Therapist, Los Angeles, CA

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. – Nikola Tesla”

Our Scalar Waves: Are Not only anti-ageing, (including inert noble gas xenon ampoule) but assists you in remembering the Absolute, which is your essential being..

telomeres, organs, glands, gamma brain waves, theta brain waves, focus frontal lobe for enhanced focus & concentration, Schumann resonance for Earthing/grounding, food imprinting, wellness, heart opening, digestion, pineal activation, lucid dreaming, raise your frequency, and clearing environment

Breaking the patterns of beliefs that have kept you stuck from living your perfected life, using your own voice to unlock your code.

You don't need to own your own 'Miracle' or 'Tesla' Quantum Scalar iQube to experience the profound results from a personal or group voice analysis, you can schedule an appointment with Angelica until you are ready to have your own.

Email Angelica for dates she will be in your area.

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From a couple of our MIRACLE & TESLA owners.

“The Miracle has been a very powerful tool affecting big shifts in my life. The best investment I ever made. I love how effortless it is. My significant other reduced his drinking alcohol by about 98% with no intention of trying to. I am loving the voice analysis & recently made one for my dog, Ralphie, who is a 13 year old golden retriever, & he is behaving friskier.

Lots of appreciation to you & your team for all you do to bring these wonderful tools to the world. They are priceless!”

Kim, San Diego, CA
I can’t give a testimonial, I can only say that I put it in my office because I spend so much time there and the EMF’s no longer bother me.
The other thing that happens for some unknown reason, is that I go into these extended states of Grace. This has never happened before.

What I do know is that I will never turn it off!

Karen Lef—photographer, L.A.
I have owned the Miracle iQube for two weeks now and my experience so far has been nothing short of miraculous.

I started using the Miracle the very first night. During sleep that night, I felt a deep ‘knot like’ release of pressure in my left shoulder blade. It was clear to me that blockages were being diffused or released from my body. The next few days, I felt s shifting of my consciousness (a sense of transitioning if that makes any sense) only to be followed by an increase of lower energy negative thoughts which upon reflection, I now understand to be the Miracle aiding in the release, acceleration or rooting out of these degrading thoughts and feelings to help me let go of them once and for all.

As days turned into the first week and now two weeks later, I know that the Miracle is a powerful change agent for my transformation and indeed, for humanity. The two words that encapsulate my experience with the Miracle IQube are At-One-Ment and Atonement. This is not meant to be a play on words; rather, At-One-Ment represents the unity of my consciousness with the Divine Consciousness of the Quantum Field. The idea of losing my selfness into a greater consciousness. As you more aptly say, “No-one, No-where, No-thing, No-time.” Atonement represents the acceptance of my past and present lower frequency thoughts/feelings and with the aid of the Miracle, being able to diffuse and transmute these baser thoughts/feelings into higher vibrational frequencies that contribute to positive co-creation.

Many Blessings and peace profound.
Wayne Trotman, Investment Specialist, PA


Healing - Wellness - deep meditation - Delta sleep /lucid dreaming - awakening

This is the most profound healing and ascension tool I have experienced. It is by far, the most sacred of all. --Angelica

EXCELLENT Short version audio on Scalar Energy -

If you are not familiar with SCALAR Energy, click here for a short concise audio. The entire August and October audios are well worth your attention! Incorporating TESLA & SCALAR technology, along with the Angels bring forth this ahead-of-its-time MIRACLE. Click 27 minutes in on the August 3rd audio to hear just the SCALAR energy portion. 

HOW EMF'S ARE KILLING US AS WELL AS CHEM-TRAILS (sorry to say, the Chem-Trails video was removed because of threats to the panel of experts by the supplier)



Worth listening to The entire video -The Healing Universe - Scalar Energy and Scalar Waves in Healing --click on photo ABOVE

Longer Version by The Healing Universe - Scalar Energy and Scalar Waves in Healing-non-invasive healing

Note The waves and Hexagonal Shapes! The crystals and Bees (55 mins in), the straw in trees (49 mins in), the great pyramid!!! (1hr. in) Chem Trails (55 mins. in), Orian Nebula (37 mins. in), Double helix galaxy (53 mins in, flower of life (1hr 14mins.),  Finger prints... non-stop wow!


  TELOMERES  --Dr. Richard Cawthon

TELOMERES --Dr. Richard Cawthon

What are TELOMERES? How do they effect aging?

Listen to Dr. Richard Cawthon discuss his research on telomeres and aging.



Brain Training OMPocket! A Portable, Quantum, 21st Century Brain Training Solution Lifting You From Being Overwhelmed and into a Fearless State!


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Angelica knows things intrinsically that scholastic training could not possibly teach. What her intuition demonstrates could never be revealed by academic studies in a text book.” —Sondra Sneed, author of “What to do When You’re Dead”

”I first met Angelica Christi In Oregon in 1991. I was teaching meditation and taking appointments for aura readings. I can see the energy field that vibrates around each person as a unique color, light and sound vibration and Angelica’s aura was radiant with clear amethyst colors which represent the essence of profound spiritual awareness. Her heart was alive with the pinks and golds of love and I knew that she had great gifts to give humanity. She has now fully awakened to this divine potential with deep love, compassion and clarity. Angelica mentors and awakens the greatest potential within all those she so graciously serves.” —Gary Springfield
Once again I have to thank you from the deepest part of my heart for guiding me in healing from my relationship with (name withheld). That first experience doing ‘The Work’ with you shifted me so fundamentally it was unreal. I FINALLY wrapped up all the healing, forgiveness, and am back in a loving state with (name withheld).
Thank YOU for all the love and support, and for always being so open with your own process/journey. I learn so much from you all the time.” -Dawnmarie Tastor, San Diego, CA

You may view yourself as separate, but I am here to remind you are both wave, and the ocean. This is my mission. This is how I serve. -Angelica Christi

Through the integration of modern and ancient modalities, Angelica will assist you in simplifying your unique journey.

“Life is my pallet. Truth is my passion. To be the proof that god's love exists, is my work.”

I AM is the awareness of which everything is playing out. And even the ‘I AM’ is not Source or God, as God is not a ‘thing’ or a ‘being’ and cannot not be traced to any singular form. The ‘Word’, it is SOUND, the Sound of the Creation playing —the Awareness of everything that appears or perceived. —Angelica Christi
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CLICK ABOVE LINK Special Package Mastery Pricing