The Dance from Darkness to Light -- The Shadow Holds the Gift

The Dance from Darkness to Light -- The Shadow Holds the Gift

I have come to drag you out of yourself and take you in my heart. I have come to bring out the beauty you never knew you had and lift you like a prayer to the sky. - Rumi

"Angelica's entire life has revolved around creating internal and external high vibrational beauty. Her Mentoring, healing and Design careers have spanned over thirty years, with its roots deeply embedded in the Principles of Universal Truth and understanding of our role in/within creation. Whether through creating sacred spaces in design, or lifting one's vibration to discover the gifts hidden within the shadows, she has the experience to help guide people HOME. Her life is dedicated to bringing sacred energy and light of
creation to the Planet on every level -- thus reinforcing her belief "AS ABOVE, SO BELOW." I have had the delightful experience knowing Angelica for twelve years, and I always know magic will be in the air when I am with her. It is as if the entire Universe plots a delicious plan, just to be able to show up for her.
” – Sharon Thompson



For over twenty-five years Angelica has studied with some of the world’s greatest teachers, including Byron Katie (The Work), Mooji (Divine Self), Richard Rudd (The Gene Keys), Dr. Deepak Chopra (Quantum Healing), Gregg Braden (Beyond Zero Point), Caroline Myss (Anatomy of the Spirit), Paul Ferrini (Real Happiness), Dr. Hew Len (Ho'oponopono), Dr. David Hawkins (Power vs. Force). She has taken dozens of trainings and intensives, in human energy, holistic healing, life coaching, energy work, business and personal empowerment. It was when Angelica began her inquiry into ’Human Design’ and ‘The Gene Keys’ that she was able to clearly map together her own life, understanding the unique role each person plays in life. She discovered her dharma – to teach the inherent wisdom residing in the DNA of each and every one of us, empowering every being on the planet, while providing one’s inner spirit with practical, meaningful, powerful tools to better live in the outer world.

Angelica grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, the second of seven children, in a family that delighted in Art and Business. From all those “crazy, wonderful experiences” she learned to work well with, and assist, all types of personalities. Her father played a key role is demonstrating what she innately understood; that there are always two sides to every equation. Angelica is the mother of three incredible children, and an over-the-moon, delighted grandmother of three grandchildren. She has lived throughout the world partaking in a very creative and unusual life journey, lead by her curiosity to understand the energy and the people of this planet. Her soul-purpose has remained consistent, "To be as transparent and authentic as possible, bringing Truth in a form that humanity can understand and apply to their own lives, unaltered by my own thoughts or beliefs."


“Once again I have to thank you from the deepest part of my heart for guiding me in healing from my relationship with (name withheld).  That first experience doing 'The Work' with you shifted me so fundamentally it was unreal.  I FINALLY wrapped up all the healing, forgiveness, and am back in a loving state with (name withheld). Thank YOU for all the love and support, and for always being so open with your own process/journey.  I learn so much from you all the time." --Dawnmarie Tastor, San Diego County, CA   `June 22, 2015

- "Angelica innately understands that there are no victims... only the victim of ones own mind, and she is able to clearly give others the steps to transcend there blame and shame reality."

-- "Angelica is a mentor to mentors. She gave me the questions to realize the answers I had longed for my entire life. Although I hold 2 masters and have been a physiotherapist for 25 years, it was Angelica that took me to the 'emotional root' and gave me the keys to unlock my subconscious in order to discover my own solutions. I am deeply grateful." - K. Manning, California.

-- "Angelica knows things intrinsically that scholastic training could not possibly teach.   What her intuition demonstrates could never be revealed by academic studies in a text book." --Sondra Sneed, author of "What to do When Your Dead"

-- "I first met Angelica Christi In Oregon in 1991. I was teaching meditation and taking appointments for aura readings. I can see the energy field that vibrates around each person as a unique color, light and sound vibration and Angelica's aura was radiant with clear amethyst colors which represent the essence of profound spiritual awareness. Her heart was alive with the pinks and golds of love and I knew that she had great gifts to give humanity. She has now fully awakened to this divine potential with deep love, compassion and clarity. Angelica mentors and awakens the greatest potential within all those she so graciously serves." --Gary Springfield

Angelica's Human Design and Gene Keys Charts

Human Design & The Gene Keys are wonderful tools for discovering key components of healing one’s past and discovering one's True Purpose.
Here are a few sample charts. To receive your own personal chart, e-mail Angelica on the contact page. Provide your place of birth, date, and time.

Angelica's Gene Keys, "The Golden Path'

Her passion for travel, love of people and an interest in the lives of those she meets, has provided her with a broad understanding of what every human wants--to be valued, respected, loved, and contribute to the planet through their understanding of their own Life Purpose. Her deep compassion for the 'human condition' has created in intense desire to assist those that are ready for change. She is a PROJECTOR, in Human Design, which enables her to see the future,  and also to provide very real solutions to diverse problems.

To receive your personalized Human Design Chart send me your, Name - Birth date (month/day/year) - Birth time (indicate a.m. or p.m.) - Birth location (city, state, country)