Pixelated Images Falling off the Screen

I have to mention, although I spoke in this audio about that silence, to share the company of those that understand that, I don't try to direct my life anymore. I gave that up several years ago, and have finally understood something I didn't prior, that my DESIRE was to always be in that space of Deep peace, that harmony with what is in the moment, but perhaps that was not the will of the Divine Source I was surrendering to. As, even though I try to stay out of politics, they find me, I am asked to comment on something that someone else is questing, and I just share my views.

Even if the energy can get passionate, the peace within me is still there. It may not look like it 'out-there' but it is. I have given up trying to resist politics, as that is what then comes, but it is more than that... It is about trusting this moment, and if that is what comes up and is asked to be addressed, I will share my views, or passions, but I never need to loose my inner peace.

I have no clue what the Divine wants to do THROUGH ME, so I cannot define what I will or won't do. I can be with those that there are no stories, no words even, and can share the language of vibrational silence, or, jump into a political debate.

There is no Right or Wrong, if one is truly allow the Divine to direct their moment to moment... it is that when the ego-mind comes in, that you have to know the difference.

For those that can 'hear' this on a vibrational Heart level.

You Can't Know What Your Life Was Meant To Be If You Won't Let Go.




Would I trade my life for wealth? For the perceived ‘security’ of money and things?


Once again ‘prince charming’ came to ‘rescue me’ (to test me is more like it)… to give me anything a person could ever want, from a material level that is. I bowed out. I had hoped ‘friends’ could work, as I so enjoyed his company and adventures… but in my heart I knew I could never be to him what he wanted me to be… nor what my path would allow.

Others tried to dissuade me with bushels of earthly logic, but each only contained the egos voice of fear.  I came to realize that it was THEIR fears that had been stopping me from completely surrendering to my Knowing… their fears for me, but actually, it is their fears within their own ego. I was living my life so others would be comfortable with my choices.

Enough, became ENOUGH.

So my answer was NO, as I know without question that ‘financial wealth’ will not, nor had it in the past, brought me the security I seek from in the depths of my Soul. The more I say, 'no' to the ego's dream, the more that voice becomes loader, because I have turned from the dream to Consciousness/ Awareness within.

A voice that in childhood was clearly heard...until the world informed me of how wrong I was, and I gave in. I played the game… until I tried of it’s shallowness, it's emptiness, no deeper than a projection on a screen.

Choose wealth again through earthly financial means… are you kidding?

Allow 'prince charming' to rescue me?

Allow myself to 'force life' again with my powerful ability to manifest... but really, only manifesting what the ego wants?


Do you have any idea how long it took me to get to this point of letting go? This level of Trust?  This level of Peace?  How much courage I needed to acquire in order to say ‘No!’, when offered a lifestyle and endless objects that my Sacred Heart didn’t exclaim ‘Yes!’ to-- and how much Trust it has taken to stay in the knowing that it was only the illusionary smoke and mirrors of the frightened ego loosing control?

Most humans are lost in their own illusion, the dream of separation and loss, and it isn’t even real. Buying into the fear of separation and believing they need to control life to survive…but are really only a part of a long and tired movie looping over-and-over after the first bursts of ‘excitement’ suck them in…that never ends. UNTIL, they say, “No more!” and mean it.

I look at friends and others that are immersed in their ‘wealth’, yet I can see what a false belief that is, how empty it really is. None of it is even real. I feel it in the energy of their Being… I hear their Hearts crying out even when they have ignored its sorrow...and I recognize that energy because I once tried to believe in that show of false security and endless parties, always trying to ‘up’ the feeling of excitement, and that false sense of true happiness.

So temporal, so unfulfilling at a Soul level.

I know in my Heart these last few years has been a journey into the purification of the Soul, this human experience… removing all that isn’t real. It has been questioning, difficult, scary… and yet, after each level of deep surrender it become more peaceful and so much easier… I may not be in the Awareness /the Consciousness of the "I" completely yet... but I taste its sweetness often enough to not give up...  AND...


Even go beyond Belief into Pure Being -Mooji


The Energy of 'Me', connecting to ALL things...

It’s like a jolt – a message comes through me and shakes my world of beliefs. IT needs to in order to 'prime' me for what is new to come through.

It is not soft and sweet like a love poem upon a page, (Yesterdays post)

Yet, in this night, IT changed its vibrational message, and said,

“STOP! STOP what you are thinking and doing, recalibrate your mind… shake your mind of its beliefs, its patterns that keep you stuck in one more layer of separation. Sift out the words you have clutched to, break them loose from a cold, computerized brain of no-feeling, and let them fall away like flour in the wind.

Loose your books, they clutch to false knowing and pull you further from the vibration of what is real, the only real—the energy of this moment. This mind that hears the bird sing, yet does not Know the bird, only what it is called, it’s color, shape, or what it does, but the mind cannot KNOW the bird. Names, and the writings upon the pages of a book, are only a form of distraction, of further separation, keeping you from the vibrations of the energetic Source that makes up all things. FEEL THAT, KNOW the power of ‘Oneness' instead, and write only poetry of the heart to describe in feeble attempt, God.

Be with it, Know It, connect with your heart and soul, feel the vibration of its breath, the life force running in your veins, its veins, as you connect, its joy, its pain and suffering in a chemical and reckless world, its roots, leaves and branches that send messages throughout the universe in blessed connected-conversation, but never the mind. Never the mind--NEVER. As the mind has labeled the unknowable when a label is put upon it. Humanity has lost complete touch with what IS as it has been experienced not with the heart but with a brain run by a program, and cannot Know the feeling of stepping into the vibration of the ALL,  no more than a computer can Feel…it may know many things, a zillions bits of information, but it cannot KNOW, because it cannot FEEL ME, the vibration of what Life really is.

You can never KNOW ‘IT’ through a name.”


I just threw out three books in process... it is impossible to describe or try to define the indescribable, and I do not wish to be yet another, that takes people down a path that reinforces separation instead of there being no 'other'. Yes, a feeble attempt through poetry will have to suffice ...